Career Placement Customized Programs

Career Link:  Making it Real.  CareerLink is an exciting, comprehensive career education program for high school students.  Connecting students with industry representatives is Career Link's primary goal. Our programs are flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of your students and your school. 

Some of Career Link's primary services include:  job shadows, internship placements, and career awareness programming.    Whether students spend one day in a job-shadowing experience, or one semester in an internship, Career Link participants are able to see how their academic coursework is directly connected to workplace success.  

East Dakota's Career Link Coordinator can connect your students with businesses, non-profit organizations, universities and government agencies that are willing and eager to provide a window into the future for students seeking career guidance.  Opportunities are also available for teachers to receive professional development via an externship program that connects them with business representatives.  For more information, please contact our Career Link Coordinator.


Career Assessment   A career assessment can be a great launchpad for further career exploratory work.  If you have an individual student, counseling group, or classroom of students who are undecided about their life post-high school, consider scheduling a career assessment.   We can suggest assessments that will fit your student's needs.  Career assessments can illuminate a student's interests, values, decision-making skills, and attitudes towards work.  The results and insight provided by an assessment can serve to provide structure for further career and educational programming.  Samples include MBTI, CAI, EDITS, and IDEAS.


Apprenticeships A registered apprenticeship describes programs that meet specific federally approved standards designed to safeguard the welfare of apprentices. Apprenticeships are relationships between an employer and employee during which the worker, or apprentice, learns an occupation in a structured program sponsored jointly by employers and labor unions or operated by employers and employee associations. East Dakota Educational Cooperative, in conjunction with the educational programming provided at Springfield Academy, has developed a school to registered apprenticeship program. The purpose of the School-To Registered-Apprenticeship program is to provide incarcerated youth an approved plan of training which will equip them with the skills necessary for profitable employment when released. This program also increases the effectiveness of training by providing on the job training under actual working conditions correlated with related technical classroom instruction. In addition, the school to registered apprenticeship provides a systematical procedure for tracking apprentices from the time of indenture to release.


Carl Perkins Consortium East Dakota serves as the fiscal agent for the Perkins Consortium, which consists of Brandon, Lennox, West Central, and Harrisburg School Districts. The Consortium was formed in response to rules and regulations for the receipt of Perkins funds, which dictates the minimum amount that can be applied for independently. Perkins funds are designed to assure that special populations have full access to career and technical programs.


Project Skills Many students with disabilities don’t get an opportunity to gain a paid employment experience while in high school. Although willing, most employers cannot afford the supports these students frequently require on their first job.

Students with disabilities can acquire important learning, maturing and socializing experiences through Project Skills. The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) maintains a partnership with the local school systems to address this need and funds Project Skills. Our Project Skills coordinator can help your district to develop student training plans, complete work experience agreement forms, and file appropriate monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS): Project Skills:


Tech Prep Consortium Member The Southeast Tech Prep Consortium is one of four Consortiums in South Dakota. The Consortium works to implement activities in its schools and communities, i.e. being articulation and dual enrollment. The Consortium has a steering committee composed primarily of administrators and counselors. The steering committee serves as a guiding force for Consortium activities. Each year a schedule of training and technical assistance activities is built based on direction from the committee. Steering committee meetings include participation by superintendents, principals, technical institute representatives, university representatives, and area employers. Steering committee meetings are structured to provide information on specific topics relevant to Tech Prep. Southeast Tech Prep Consortium schools are provided limited funding for substitutes, mileage, meals and registration fees for related activities. This funding can also be used for curriculum development and applied academics materials. In addition, Consortium schools attend training activities sponsored by the Consortium at no cost.


Construction Academies The Academy for the Construction Trades introduces participants to a variety of specialty occupations within the construction industry. Participants will have the opportunity to pursue apprenticeships in addition to receiving transcribed credit. The Academy is a joint venture with the Associated General Contractors of South Dakota, Inc. - Building Chapter, Southeast Technical Institute, and East Dakota Educational Cooperative.


Transition Planning Career Assessment and Guidance Network personnel regularly attend IEP and other such meetings to participate in the planning of transitions. East Dakota Educational Cooperative member districts, Cornbelt Educational Cooperative member districts, as well as facilities in which East Dakota Educational Cooperative provides the educational programming are the primary recipients of the expertise of the Career Assessment and Guidance Network staff.