Transition Advantage

The Transition Advantage Program helps young adults ages 18-21 who require assistance and support while pursuing transition goals. It is a community-based program assisting in employment and independent living skills through the IEP team process. The goals may include:

Jobs and Job Training - Career interest and aptitude assessments, job seeking and keeping skills, job placement and support

Community Participation - Mobility training, public transportation, agency identification, eligibility and access to public assistance, civic involvement, assistance in development of personal ata files, development of individual interests and involvement in chosen leisure and recreational activities

Home living - Household management, budgeting and personal finances, purchasing and care of personal items, health and safety, shopping and food preparation

Education - Self determination and advocacy, problem solving/decision making, interpersonal/communication skills, and functional academic skills.


—Completed academic requirements for graduation at home district but have not received a diploma due to need for continued transition goals

—Participates in activities in a 1:5 supervision ratio

—Independently follows 2-step directions

—Is able to utilize community transportation

—Be able to perform activities of daily living